Coaching as a leadership tool

kesä 11, 2023 | Ajankohtaista

Do you want to create goal oriented coaching culture that enables self-leadership in three months?

Why coaching is important part of leadership skills

  1. Competition of best workforce is intense, leadership is an area where companies are expected to perform better.
  2. Organizations that have a coaching leadership culture drive performance against strategic goals, create a point of difference and improve engagement, productivity and retention. A coaching culture is a necessity
    to enable self-leadership, innovation, development and a psychologically safe working environment.
  3. To start implementing a coaching leadership style and build up a coaching culture in an organization requires focus, dedication and time to practice. This is what we can offer you in this leadership training set up.
  4. Coaching as a leadership tool help leaders help individuals to develop their work, work related habits and themselves.

This program has been built and is executed in co-operation by Harriet from Coach me and More and Minna from CC Valonen.

With Harriet and Minna this program can be executed in Finnish, Swedish and in English and in different location in the same time period!

Read more and contact: if.ne1701166865nolav1701166865cc@an1701166865nim1701166865 or +358505402530