When I started as a manager in Sales Development and Support Services, my own manager proposed individual training to support my transition to a new role. We met with Minna about once a month for six months. We covered everything from my own role, process development, work planning and time usage to the different situations and challenges of management. The most important thing for me in the process was that through training I got support and tools for managing change and my daily management work. The training sessions were good places to stop and reflect on your own work together with a professional. I feel that the training also developed my way of thinking about things in a more multilateral way. I learned and understood a lot about different personalities, their natural orientation and how to individually adapt the leadership style to the personal qualities and needs of each person. I also learned a lot about process development and effective communication. “I warmly recommend this kind of individual support when transitioning to a managerial role, I benefited much more from this than any group management training,” says Emma Mattila, Development Manager in charge of Turva’s Sales Development and Support Services.

“I wanted to offer Emma support for transitioning to a new role to ensure the success of the change and also to enable her to have outside support in developing her own managerial skills. Individual training using coaching methods is goal-oriented and fully tailored to the needs of the participant – which is why it is also more effective than traditional managerial training,” says Emma’s manager Tiina Kemppi, Sales Director.

Minna CC from Valonen Oy carried out an individual managerial training for Emma using coaching methods after Emma started in a new role. The process lasted about six months and included six 1.5-hour meetings. The objectives of the whole process were agreed in a tripartite cooperation.

– Tiina Kemppi, Sales Director & Emma Mattila, Development Manager, Mutual Insurance Company Turva, 2022