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The post-reorganisation period is challenging, especially when activities are close together and there is a significant need for integration. How to get the new joint activity and culture built in the best possible way?

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In reorganisation, the integration of organisation and culture is often overlooked. However, joint activity is often a key element in achieving the objective of the reorganisation. How to get the new joint activity and culture built in the best possible way?

CC Valonen helps in the preparation, organisation and implementation of reforms and offers solutions for developing the corporate culture, changing operating methods or clarifying the rules of the game!

What this contains

Integration consultancies are always built according to the customer’s needs. The planning takes into account the needs of the organisation, operating models, management and culture. The solutions utilise a variety of tools, from workshops and coaching to adaptability and coaching.

The implementations are always tailored to the customer’s needs! Contact us and we will plan an organisational integration for you, which will provide a good basis for the new organisation.

Cultural integration is a challenging but rewarding management entity.

By succeeding in the integration, the goals set for the reorganisation will be achieved.


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