Management Team Work

Successful management team work is a combination of clarity of the role and tasks, good practices and strong dynamics based on trust and cooperation.

For which situation

The need to develop executive management team work is particularly evident in connection with personnel changes, organisational changes or significant changes related to business operations. The management team is the most expensive cooperation forum in the organisation. Clarifying its role and tasks, developing its practices and investing in cooperation and dynamics will create positive change in the whole organisation.

What it contains

In the development of management team work, the current state and related strengths and areas for development are clarified and the target state is defined. Development solutions are always tailored to the customer’s needs. When developing management team work, solutions may include workshops, team or individual coaching, or team simulations. Resilience, or ability to change, is often particularly useful for the management team.

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Meetings of the management team are the most expensive time for the organisation.

Successful management team work is a combination of good practices and good cooperation.


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