Coaching has been a great tool for me, both in my transition to CEO duties and in developing the competence of the key people. It is important to make use of external sparring partners if you want to unleash the full potential of your staff. With the help of an external coach, the competence of a capable employee can be boosted and maximised. Coaching is also a way to invest in key players as it engages people in their work and organisation.

Minna is an effective coach. She is wise and good at observing both people and issues. Our staff has repeatedly commented on working with Minna as eye-opening by stating, for example: “Again, I understood completely new things about my work, even though those solutions have been in front of me all this time. Darn, how can she figure out so much of me so fast?”

I warmly recommend Minna to anyone who is looking for a personal or organizational development booster. However, as with any expert service, the willingness to change existing operating models is also essential. That’s how you get the most out of coaching.

– Emma Storbacka, CEO, Avaus, 2019