In the beginning of 2021 we were working hand in hand with Minna. There was a business transfer to take place, which we needed support on, and Minna was recommended for us to partner with. When I think back, we couldn’t have managed so well without Minna. In the end, she was always there and available, ensuring that everything went perfectly. Amongst other things, she provided us with:

💎 Highly competent HR manager power, with experience on organisational changes and how to tackle integration challenges

❤️ Extremely appreciated human touch by listening and interviewing everyone individually, opening an extra funnel to reflect, empowering adoption

😊 True business oriented mindset, immediately understanding our business case and what we were after

💪 Valuable capabilities to help with every step, from planning to finalisation, and even further

🔎Experience and spot-on insight on legal aspects on HR and business transfers

🔥 Extra helping hands willing to take care of any bigger or smaller tasks we needed help with, no complaints, quickest possible top notch delivery at all times, and always adding value to our request

Not to mention, Minna is so fun to work with! 🙂

Thank you Minna for the successful change!

– Katri Laatu, Head of Operations, Zalaris, 2022